80’s Love Songs + Handmade Cards = My Valentine To You

Confession: My husband and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We never have.  We don’t have anything against the holiday in particular, but it’s another date to remember and the two of us already have a hard enough time remembering anniversaries, birthdays or what day of the week it is.  We can be embarrassingly romantic (just ask our kids) on a regular basis, and since this holiday doesn’t hold any special meaning for us, we just don’t tend to observe it. 

However, when our little guys started attending preschool, they learned all about Valentine’s Day and we decided to we better start faking it a little around our house.  We didn’t want our kids growing up thinking that our lack of chocolate exchanging indicated a lack of love in our marriage, so each Valentine’s Day we’d make sure to at least exchange a card.  (My ten-year old reads this blog, so I guess the gig is up!)

I started thinking about the last time Valentine’s Day held any real meaning for me as I helped my boys put together their borrowed-straight-from-Pinterest crafts for their friends.  Since we are homeschooling, this is the first year that they’ve been able to choose who will be the recipients of their handiwork, a fact that inspired my own little trip down memory lane to middle school, when grade-school elementary parties were a thing of the past and receiving a Valentine from someone meant they liked you.  As in a LIKED you kind of liked you.   As in, their name was probably scrawled all over your diary with little hearts around it.

Being in 12-year-old love was a desperate thing, and I spent many hours in my room in middle school pining away nostalgically for a romance I’d yet to experience, listening to the epic love ballads of Journey and Air Supply.  I just knew that when I finally was in a relationship with a touring rock star, I’d be forever his, faithfully.  I knew that if he’d only hold me tight, we’d be holding on forever.  The object of my often unrequited infatuation changed as quickly as the Top Ten hits on the radio, but the depth of my commitment to my future romance never wavered.  I’ve got diaries to prove this, but you’d have to pay me a lot of money to see them (I accept payments via paypal).

I started thinking about the songs of my middle school years, those power ballads from the 80s and early 90s that fueled my romantic imagination, and while my kids put together their Valentines I crafted a few of my own. 

Fellow teens of the 80s and 90s, these are my Valentines to you.  If we were still in middle school right now, I’d totally slip one in your locker between classes.  But since we’re not, I’m sharing them with you here, in case you have someone special in your life this Valentine’s Day that needs to know that you just can’t fight this feeling anymore.  Just click on the link below the image and the PDF file is set to print so that you can fold it like a greeting card and add your own message inside.  (I’m going with “Jess + Jason = FOREVER” and a series of hearts with arrows through them.)

Happy Valentine’s Day you crazy kids. 

 Click here to download PDF printable card.

  Click here to download PDF printable card.
  Click here to download PDF printable card.
  Click here to download PDF printable card.

  Click here to download PDF printable card.

  Click here to download PDF printable card.

5 thoughts on “80’s Love Songs + Handmade Cards = My Valentine To You

  1. How fun! My teen years were in the 70s, but the sentiment was the same back then. Different songs, different era, but some things just don't change. Thanks for sharing these on the Spring Craft Blog Hop! Pinned and Tweeted.


  2. Thanks! You are right, I could just have easily chosen songs from the 70s….and in middle school, I had a few on repeat (Love Hurts by Nazareth comes to mind). I just pinned your Spring Craft Blog Hop as well. There are so many great ideas….thanks for spearheading such a fun link-up!


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